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House Staging Tips

Here are my Top 10 House Staging Tips on what you can do Before you contact your Agent:

  1. How does your property compare to others currently on the market in your area for a similar price? Look online and see recent sales but most importantly visit open homes.
  2. Do i want top dollar $$$$ for my property or am i happy to reduce my price to get a quicker sale? This determines whether it is worth Staging or not.
  3. How does your property look from the street, ask friends, family, even visitors. Drive around your area and compare.
  4. Does my property present well indoors? Does it have flow from room to room, try and colour co ordinate from the front door to the outside of your property. Choose a colour and use it throughout.
  5. If your not confident with shopping for items and doing a bit of DIY styling set up a budget, how much do you want to spend?
  6. Think about who might buy your property? Who are your potential buyers, how are you marketing to them with the presentation of your property. Try and think about this before you have photos taken.
  7. Does your property in its current state appeal to that buyer? Or does it need House Staging. Contact us for a FREE Quote
  8. Look outside and in gardens and ask yourself do these areas appeal to your buyer?
  9. If your property is empty do you know that spaces appear smaller. Only 10% of buyers that will walk through your door can visualise their furniture in your space. Do not sell an empty home, its a big risk. Buyers fall in love with spaces and ‘things’ remember the last time you walked through an Open home and you were more impressed by the presentation than the actual house.
  10. Would you like a professional Property Stylist to give you honest advice on all of the above and potentially get you the highest possible price for your property with Home Staging or Furniture Hire? Give us a call 0449 837751

Preparation Counts when preparing to sell

In my experience you should not contact your agent until your product is ready for the market. If you are calling them to get an idea of price then ask yourself  ‘Do i already know the answer to this or am i expecting the agent to shock me and tell me its worth $100k more?’ Generally i have found most vendors will already know the answer to this question.

Some agents will be brutally honest and tell you it needs work if they know you are wanting top dollar or the price seems quite high. Some agents will just take the listing and ‘have a go’ at selling it.

When selling my own properties I have always shown the agent the most polished product I possibly could and then I put the price on it. Our very first property over 20 years ago we put an additional 10k (pounds) and we got it! Our last property just 3 years ago we added an additional $40k and we sold within 24 hours no Open home necessary. We also did our research, looked at other homes in our area and neighbouring areas. We looked at previous sales and this assisted us in not underselling our property.

You have so much more say when your agent has a beautiful product to sell. They are more excited, more committed to selling it because they know it’s got more worth, plus they know they will get paid! Give them the best product you possibly can, then you know you have the best chance of getting that premium price, in any market!